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Updated: May 8

I believe without a shadow of a doubt, that this book is the Holy Grail, kingpin and a fundamental stepping stone to a life of holistic prosperity-including financial abundance. There are three types of people in the world. There are people who know how to earn money (*cues “I’m a hustler baby” by Jay-Z), keep money, and grow that money. Sadly, many of us stop at the “earn money” part and fail to make it to the last 2 ends of the equation. Think and Grow Rich is that book that takes you right across the finish line of financial success. If we’re going to kick off this segment, I think this is the right book for an opening act.

Think and Grow Rich was written by Napoleon Hill in 1937 and it was the result of a 2-decade long mission he took on of interviewing and engaging with five hundred self-made millionaires. By spending this extended period of time with some of the most ingenuous innovators and after being challenged by Andrew Carnegie to do this, he created a piece of literature that holds the key to financial, emotional, spiritual and holistic success. Think and Grow Rich explores the psychological power vested in our thoughts and the mind in the process of advancing your career for both monetary and personal satisfaction.

It is one of the all-time self-help classics and a must-read for investors and for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. The book is centred around 13 habits that all of the wealthy individuals he interviews have in common and that we should spend time cultivating. For the brevity of this blog post, we won’t go into all 13 principles (after all, we do want you to read the book) but we will highlight 3 principles that might just entice you to grab a copy of Napoleon’s book.

Principle 1: You have to DESIRE success!

“For anyone to be successful, it is crucial that there exist within them the desire to be great or at least better than their current state. Without this desire, there would be no motivation or cause for action. Simple wanting or a wish will not produce results as it is just wishful thinking.”

There are so many people who are passive about the journey to success. The truth is, we’re all on a journey and some of us have indirectly paid for a trip to a land far away from success. Every successful person makes an intentional and blunt decision to align their desires with their goals. If you desire to buy a fully paid for house at 30, surely your goals and actions need to be aligned with that desire.

This means that you’ll take the necessary steps to do research into multiple streams of income, investment options and tactical ways of saving. Once the desire for success is strong enough in you, the motivation will be a byproduct that drives you to achieve your goals and become successful. It’s not as rudimentary as wishing you had enough money to live a luxurious life. Desire is of paramount importance and we can’t thank Mr Hill enough for driving that point home.

Principle 2: Organised Planning

Napoleon Hill found that the successful business magnates he interviewed had one secret weapon that set them apart from the masses-having a solid plan. This is not to say that one needs to have omniscient knowledge about the minute details of their life, but a clear focus on where you want your life to go is essential. This principle resonates equally as much with our finances. We may be guilty of squandering our income on things we can hardly recall a month later.

A good friend once told me that a person who doesn’t know where his last rand went to is probably not going to be wealthy anytime soon. Here’s where we take it back to the basics of budgeting, cash flow analysis and even consultations with financial planners. This principle is in my opinion one of the most important principles because it sets the quilt that layers our lives! So, get to planning!

Principle 3: The Subconscious Mind

You may think that during the day, you are the master of your mind. The real truth though is that the puppet master behind your decisions is your subconscious mind. Mr Napoleon Hill once said “You cannot entirely control your subconscious mind, but you can voluntarily hand over to it any plan, desire, or purpose which you wish transformed into concrete form.” Your subconscious mind keeps a record of every limiting belief you’ve ever had about anything, including your finances.

If all you ever saw growing up was a household filled with lack, your subconscious is probably the voice in your mind that constantly tells you “Money is hard to make”. You don’t literally tell yourself this, but it shows up in how you relate to money, how many makes you feel and whether you have a lot or a little of it. That’s why it is so important to guard what you expose your mind to.

Are you living in the legacy of your family of lack or are you grabbing books like Think and Grow Rich or The Finance Gym content to reprogram your subconscious mind? The key to unlocking abundance is in your mind and the thoughts you think. Use this book as a way to rewire your perception of money and holistic prosperity. I kid you not, you’re guaranteed to have a new perspective!

My favorite quote from Think and Grow Rich is this:

“The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.”

I love it because it affirms to us the philosophy of lifelong learning. When we continue to seek wisdom and knowledge from those who have walked the path of success and abundance, we have a reference point to make our dreams come true. This book was that experience for me. As someone who has a purpose of inspiring others, leaving a mark and living a magnificent life, I sure did gain some insight into what I can implement in my life to realize the life I know I deserve. May this book be that experience for you too. May it enable you to move your wish and desire for abundance from your mind into action. Get a copy of Think and Grow Rich from any South African book shop and online.

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Author: Sthandiwe Msomi

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