Survival Tactics

“Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it”

~Frantz Fanon

Like a phoenix from the ashes, we are back in classic fashion! A generation not like any before it, future titans of industry by day, Twitter warriors in the evening, groovists by night, the epitome of resilience, amaphanta okugcina! We are wired to speak up, we are the generation taking back power over our lives and dreams and supporting each other to do it because we know the only way to live is for us to take care of us.

The notion of rags to riches, the “ngeke kuhlale kunje, one day sizopopa sonke” is often quite romanticized but the hard truth is, just because you’re struggling today doesn’t mean you will be successful tomorrow. Constantly having a backup plan serves as an essential tool if you’re looking to survive the brutality of the South African labour market. Trying to find out where the parachute is when you’re already freefalling from a plane is far too late. Life favours those with the best survival plans!

The year is almost over and it has been a long year with even longer months financially, I would hate for you to start contemplating heists to keep up this festive so here are a couple of survival tips to beat the illusive Janu-worry:

Black Friday

With November on our doorstep, it’s almost time for black Friday specials. The only tip on this is to HAVE A GAME PLAN, and set price alerts for all your big purchases, Black Friday has become a big part of the shopping calendar in South Africa. It’s not exactly uncommon for shops to hike up prices leading to Black Friday and then discount them on Black Friday to make it appear like it’s a big discount. Having a set list with all the things you want makes it easier to figure out whether deals are good or not. Stay sceptical, uyisebenzele lemali.

Don’t Borrow To Fund Consumption

Set a budget cap and stick to it! You don’t want to be hungover from debt in Janu-worry over some December champagne bottles. We can help you drink and slay the huns but we won’t help you repay that debt in Janu-worry. Once you’ve hit your cap, call it quits.

For those looking beyond the horizon of Janu-worry in terms of survival tips, we have a tip that’s very close to our hearts at The Finance Gym, our mission is to drive a positive household savings rate through increased financial literacy rates and savings clubs are a big favourite here!

Being part of a savings club is a great way to reach your financial goals. A lot of us would like to put money aside for saving and investing but we struggle with remaining committed each month. Understandably, saving on your own can be difficult, if you find yourself regularly dipping into your savings then you should consider teaming up with people who have similar savings goals. As a member of a savings club, you’ll be committed to making regular contributions and will be accountable to other members.

Savings clubs/stokvels have traditionally kept their members contributions in cash or deposit they deposit them into a bank account. The main downside of this is that traditional bank accounts don’t earn enough interest to beat inflation and the value of your money will decrease over time. There are a variety of options available to stokvels in the form of investment products such as unit trusts and so on that will help stokvels to grow their money and beat inflation in the long run. To find out all about stokvels/savings clubs and how you can use them to create long term wealth, join the guys at Allan Gray this Thursday on the virtual savings club seminar.

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Author: Sihle Hlatshwayo

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