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It’s imperative to elevate your thinking from making a rand moves in ten thousand different directions to just making more Rands. Let’s admit it, making a budget out of a meagre salary or sometimes not even having a source of income (which is not a distant reality for many young South Africans) is demoralizing. It limits the options you have and makes financial freedom an unrealistic thought for many.

While it is important to be faithful and responsible with the little we have, we should always seek more opportunities to increase our purchasing power. Covid-19 hasn’t made life any easier as well. An estimated 3 million people lost their jobs in 2020. From a macroeconomic perspective, this means that consumer demand will take quite some time to pick up. It also means that the prospect of find employment will be lower since firms won’t be needing (or rather can’t afford) more labour. But by good graces, some opportunities for employment remain.

We did some digging and we came up with a list of some part time opportunities and possible permanent vacancies that you should apply for this year. It may not be the opportunity that gives you the coins to buy that car you’ve been eyeing, but it’s definitely a side hustle that gives you the income boost you need.


Digital cryptocurrency wallet Luno, which facilitates over R60 million in transactions daily, is looking to hire several people for its South African division. In Johannesburg, Luno is looking for IOS and Android software engineers, and in Cape Town, it is looking for a facilities manager, product designers, social media managers and recruiters.

See all the job openings at Luno here.


One of South Africa’s newest and most on-time airlines, FlySafair, is looking to hire quality control inspectors, an internal recruiter and junior industrial engineers in Johannesburg.

See all the job openings at FlySafair here.

Flight Centre

Travel booking agency Flight Centre is looking for new travel consultants in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Worcester.

See all the job openings at Flight Centre here.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has a strong presence in South Africa, is looking to hire several people in its Cape Town office. It is looking for, among others, new software engineers, graphic designers, data scientists, customer service associates and operation managers.

See all the job openings at Amazon web services here.

Barclays Africa

Barclays Africa, the previous owner of Absa, is looking to hire a large number of financial and credit analysts, customer engagement officers, and recruitment officers in Johannesburg.

See all the job openings at Barclays Africa here.


Auditing and financial advisory firm Deloitte is hiring hundreds of people at its Cape Town and Johannesburg offices, including auditing managers, risk analysts, lawyers, human relations managers, consultants, call centre agents and financial advisors.

See all the job openings at Deloitte here.

Mr Price Group

Retail group Mr Price is looking to hire new call centre operators, software engineers, graphic designers and human resource managers at its head office in Durban.

See all the job openings at Mr Price Group here


Paper producer Sappi is looking to hire new logistics managers, human resource managers, and drivers in Johannesburg and at its Ngodwana Mill in Mbombela.

See all the job openings at Sappi here.


Sanlam is looking to hire close to 50 people in George, Bloemfontein, Cape Town and Johannesburg. Job openings include personal assistants, account managers, sales managers, administrative officers and tax administrators.

See all the job openings at Sanlam here.

Old Mutual

Old Mutual is looking to hire for regional managers, financial advisors, account managers, portfolio managers and call centre agents in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Tshwane.

See all the job openings at Old Mutual here.


South African oil and gas company Sasol is hiring technicians, lawyers, and artisans in Mpumalanga, Gauteng and the Northern Cape.

See all the job openings at Sasol here.

Blue Label Telecoms

Blue Label Telecoms Group, Cell C's owner, is looking for people in Johannesburg, Pretoria and in the Eastern Cape. It is looking for, among others, credit controllers, retail directors, supply chain managers, customer relationship consultants and project managers.

See all the job openings at Blue Label Telecoms here.


Nedbank is planning to hire more than 50 people in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. It is looking for, among others, risk analysts, branch managers, private bankers, IT specialists and software developers.

See all the job openings at Nedbank here.


Software developer Oracle is hiring over 50 financial managers, software developers and human relations officers in Johannesburg.

See all the job openings at Oracle here.


Medical insurer and financial services provider Discovery is looking to hire close to 100 people mostly in Sandton. They are looking for, among others, contact centre consultants, data analysts, financial advisors, marketing consultants, and graphic designers.

See all the job openings at Discovery here.

JP Morgan

The US investment bank confirmed last week that it is hiring more local staff as it expects more African listings and deals in the future. "There’s a renewed interest in South African corporates because they are well run, well managed, cheap and have regional proximity to what’s going to be the biggest consumer growth area in the next 20 years,” Kevin Latter, the head of JPMorgan’s South African operation, told Bloomberg.

See all the job openings at JP Morgan here.

Hopefully this list has the opportunity you need right now to let your qualifications and skills work for you this year. If these opportunities don’t work, turn your passions into profit. Put your gifts and talents to use and start with what you have. Let this be the year to expand your financial income streams while constantly acquiring the skills needed to use that money wisely. Good luck!

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Author: Sthandiwe Msomi

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