“Two conditions of self-sustaining growth are
that a country has acquired a cadre of domestic
entrepreneurs and administrators and, secondly,
that it has attained to adequate savings and
taxable capacity.”
Nobel Prize Lecture: The Slowing Down of the Engine of Growth
Sir Arthur Lewis (1979)

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The Finance Gym is a platform for financial institutions and individuals to engage about their financial well-being, improve their literacy & create the future they've been dreaming of. The Finance Gym is a growth machine that uses financial literacy to drive a positive household savings rate in South Africa.


We envision a future where financial literacy translates to:
Happier individuals
Healthier households
Stronger communities
Booming businesses
and Positive Growth

Meet The Team

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Sihle Hlatshwayo

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Lerato Nxasane

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Nkanyiso Nyawose

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